Ultimate Tetris

How to build your own skins


Ultimate Tetris's skins are located in the ".\SKINS\" directory and can be changed pressing the <F5> or <F6> key.
Each skin consist in a sub directory in ".\SKINS\".

How to build a skin:

Just create the skins files and put it in a sub directory of ".\SKINS\". You may ZIP it and send it to me if you want your skin to be put in the web site: <antikons@sourceforge.net>

Supported formats:

Supported formats are JPEG (.jpg), BITMAP (.bmp), WAVE (.wav) and MPEG (.mp3)

Contents of a skin:

  1. background.jpg or backgound.bmp : The backgound image (size must be 640x480)
  2. block1.jpg or block1.bmp : The first block (example: red block)
  3. block2.jpg or block2.bmp : The second block (example: yellow block)
  4. block3
  5. block4
  6. block5
  7. block6
  8. block7.jpg or block7.bmp : The last block
  9. pause.jpg or pause.bmp : An image shown went the game is paused (transparent color is the left-upper pixel's)
  10. number0.jpg or number0.bmp : An image containing the number 0 (transparent color is the left-upper pixel's)
  11. number1
  12. number2
  13. number3
  14. number4
  15. number5
  16. number6
  17. number7
  18. number8
  19. number9.jpg or number9.bmp : An image containing the number 9
  20. destroy.wav or destroy.mp3 : The sound played when a line is destroyed
  21. turn.wav or turn.mp3 : The sound played when a block is turned
  22. drop.wav or drop.mp3 : The sound played when a block has falled
  23. move.wav or move.mp3 : The sound played when a block is moved
  24. metrics.ini : Skin's sizes and positions (see bellow)
  25. copyright.txt : Copyright informations


metrics.ini is a file which contains images' size and position informations. His syntaxe is the following:
';' (semi-colon) can be used as a commentary. value is always a number
Here is a commented example:


BlockW=24   ;blocks width
BlockH= 24  ;blocks height
BlockX= 200 ;left-upper block x-position
BlockY= 24  ;left-upper block y-position
NextX= 465  ;next block x-position
NextY= 55   ;next block y-position
NumberW= 9  ;numbers width
NumberH= 11 ;numbers height
ScoreX= 130 ;score display x-position
ScoreY= 390 ;score display y-position
LinesX= 130 ;lines display x-position
LinesY= 410 ;lines display y-position
BestX= 130  ;best score x-position
BestY= 440  ;best score y-position
LevelX= 235 ;current level x-position
LevelY= 465 ;current level y-position
SpeedX= 380 ;speed x-position
SpeedY= 465 ;speed y-position
PauseX= 519 ;pause x-position
PauseY= 349 ;pause y-position
PauseW= 58  ;width of the pause
PauseH= 16  ;height of the pause

;end of metrics.ini